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Batgirl by cspencey
I love Babs.  One of the great females in comics.  I hated how the new 52 reversed her paralysis as she represented the most invisible group in today's society in those who are disabled.  However, I also love her as Batgirl and have loathed Katy Kane who I think is a try-hard and exists purely as a token of diversity, there's only one redhead Bat-girl in my eyes.  Babs has also had the best luck with costumes with the black and yellow serving her well and the new more homemade look also being cool.  I've tried to combine both here.

In my universe Babs is the same age as Dick Grayson and became Batgirl after being inspired by Batman and going out on her own.  Batman who knew her identity eventually welcomed her into the fold.  Babs has an on-off with Dick with both allowing their heroing to get in the way of committing to a relationship.  Babs is the most tech-savvy of the family and often employees gadgetry as she has not had the same intense training as the Robins, though she is a fighter in her own right having been trained by her father.  In my universe Barbara spent four years in a wheelchair before recovering via nanites after the Killing Joke events.  She works as a GCPD computer forensics specialist helping with cybercrime. 
The Red Hood by cspencey
The Red Hood
I always hated that DC retconned Jason having red hair.  I loved that Grant Morrison brought it back and made Bats look like a dick in the process (by having had him ask Jason to do so so that he looked more like Dick).  I also liked him having white streaks so I combined the two.  I removed the Jacket but only because I like the idea that Jason would be happy with a hoody or anything pulled over the top.

Jason Todd was the son of a pair of junkies who paid him little attention.  As a child her ran away from home and lived on the streets.  When Jason was 15 years old he came across a parked Batmobile and successfully managed to break inside.  Impressed by Todds tenacity and disappointed by Dick Graysons recent resignation as Robin, Bruce takes a change on Jason and takes him and trains him as the next Robin.

Over the next two years Todd excels under Batmans tutelage, however, Batman is concerned by Todds temper.  One day while investigating a crime Todd is kidnapped by the Joker who over a number of days tortures the boy.  Joker eventually uses the boy as bait to lure Batman into a trap but he is unable to save Todd who dies of his injuries.

Days after his burial Jasons body is taken by Ra's Al Ghul who tries to resurrect the boy in the Lazarus Pit so that he can use him against the Batman.  Todd is revived but comes back..different.  Todd escapes Ra's and disappears in Asia.  However, some years later a Red Hood emerges in Gotham. 
Robin - Tim Drake by cspencey
Robin - Tim Drake
First off, I hate changing a characters ethnicity/sexuality/gender in order to align to a PC agenda or spice a character up.  I hate what Marvel are doing with Iceman, I hate what DC are doing with Wally West and I think the Michael B Jordan Torch was a terrible idea because it changed the dynamic of the family (if you are going to change the ethnicity of the character, why pick one of the two who are supposed to be siblings - no sense at all).  That said I think it can work when the ethnicity of the character is of no particular relevance to their history (Ben Urich in Daredevil) or they are a new legacy character (Miles as Spider-Man, though Peter will always be the definitive Spider-Man to me personally).  There are two reasons that I made Tim black and they are both linked.  The first is purely visually, I hate how visually Jason and Tim (and to a lesser extent Damien) are just carbon copies of Dick in terms of appearance, I wish DC had kept Jason ginger and I loved that Grant Morrison brought that back in his run, only for the new 52 to shit all over it.  So from a drawing perspective I just wanted a bit of variety.  The second is that I think making Tim black helps differentiate his backstory from the previous two Robins. He is a different Robin and unlike Jason does not have to worry about resembling and emulating Dick.     I actually think Tim is one of the few characters to have been enhanced by the New 52, I like hat he is the only Robin who still has parents (though they are in witsec).  Though I am not a fan of the red Robin moniker (I always felt he should drop Robin entirely and take something new).  

Tim Drake is the son of Jack and Janet Drake.  Tim always had a gifted intellect and exhibited particularly keen analytical and deductive abilities.  Tim is obsessed with Batman and has made it his mission to reveal the secret identity of the caped crusader.  He eventually does and tracks down the Batman and confronts him, having deduced that Batman is Bruce Wayne based on old footage of the Dick Grayson Robin.  Tim, who excelled in gymnastics (though not to the level of Dick) believed the then-Robin displayed movements akin to that of the Flying Graysons (Dicks family of gymnasts) and that Dick, the last of the Flying Graysons was the former ward of Bruce Wayne, a man with infinite resources.   Tim promises to never expose the Bat and begs to be the next Robin, Batman declines as he vowed to never take another Robin after Jason Todd, the previous Robin was killed 4 years ago.  However, over the next year Bruce would watch over Tim monitoring his progress.  It would be over that next year that Tims life would be turned upside down, his family would become the target of the hitman known as the Flamingo, a ruthless killer working for the Mexican Cartel.  It is revealed that Tims parents are actually in thr Witness Protection programme as his father was a witness to a high-ranking Cartel associate (an American policeman) committing a murder and that he testified.  They were relocated to Gotham when Tim was a toddler and Drake was their assumed name. Batman defeats the Flamingo whom is locked up in Arkham and the Drakes are forced into a new WitSec program.  Tim, however, requests to stay in Gotham and his parents agree, Batman promises to look after him and train him as the new Robin.  Drake remains Robin for three years until a certain Damien Wayne comes on the scene.

Tim is the most detective-like of the Robins, not as athletic as Dick, as aggressive as Jason or as ninja as Damien.  However, he is more likely to utilise gadgets and technology then the others, being the better detective he is also the most rational and cool headed of the four and more naturally cautious, less likely to underestimate his opponent.  Tim fights using a bo-staff and thus mainly adapts a Bojitsu fighting style, therefore, he is more about throws, pulls and holds as opposed to punches, kicks and knock-outs though he is proficient in the latter if needed. Nineteen years of age. 
Bane by cspencey
The son of Santa Priscan revolutionary, Edmund Dorrance,  Bane was born in darkness.  When his father failed in an attempt to overthrow the government the nations Dictator, known as "King Snake" sentenced Dorrances pregnant wife to imprisonment in the "Pit".  The "Pit" was a harsh place, a prison deep underground un-policed and ruled by the criminals that dwell there.  Banes mother died giving birth some days after her arrival and Bane was introduced to the world.  Normally, he would have been left to die, however, an inmate named "Kyle Abbot" takes pity on the child and protects him in his early formative years.  
Kyle would raise Bane in the prison and teach him to defend himself, Kyle educated him in multiple languages and protected the young boy from some of the more predatory inmates, though he never named him.  Aged 8 Bane would one day enter his cell and find kyle murdered at the hands of another inmate. It was here that Bane killed for the first time, murdering the inmate with only a pen. Thus Banes ascension would begin, even for a child he was physically large and over the next few years would garner a body count  in the dozens. 
Aged fifteen Bane had garnered a reputation and was feared by many of the other inmates. This would also be the time that "King Snakes" regime fell and the "Pit" was liberated.  It is also here that Bane was approached by Ra's Al Ghul, the man responsible for King Snakes assassination.  It turns out that Kyle Abbot had been one of his most-trusted enforcers an agent of The League of Shadows who had gone missing.  Out of respect for his dead fried Ghul welcomed Bane into the League of Shadows and it is Ghul who named him.
In the Shadows Bane would flourish.  He was intelligent, tactical and physically strong.  He would find kinship in Talia, Ra's daughter, which would eventually lead to a secret relationship. On the day of his initiation Talia would come to Bane in tears and Bane owuld learn that Ra's had never intended to make Bane one of his agents and instead wanted Banes strong  body to replace his own. In a rage Bane attempted to kill Ra's but was defeated with ease.  However, he managed to escape Ra's and fled back to his South American homeland.
Enraged and obsessed with becoming stronger Bane would later become a test subject in the "Venom programme" and would ingest a toxin that enhanced his strength and made him feel no pain.  Using this Toxin Bane would carve out a reputation as a feared assassin, a competitor to the League.  Though his long-term goal is to one day lead the League his work would eventually take him to Gotham. 


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Craig Spence
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I'm Craig I like to draw and read comics.

I am currently going through the process of drawing all of the X-men (that I like) as if they inabbited my own version of the Marvel Universe. I am doing this because I am rather sad, currently have too much free time and have a bug up my ass about how poor Marvel Animation is currently, at least, compared to the DC universe.

As for me, I am just your typical nerdy guy with 0 social life who finds solace through teaching himself how to use photoshop. When I was younger I was a dab-hand the whole drawing malarkey but lost myself in my early twenties and am now trying to get back up to speed.

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